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Step 2: This step is to create your design. Upload any images you'd like to use or if you have a sample of a design that you'd like us to match, add that as well. Select the fonts and colours you'd like to use in your design, tell us what you'd like written in each font and colour, then submit the design form.

We need your name and email to match your design to your item once complete. Thank you.

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Upload Your Own Photo, Logo or Images

If you have a photo, logo or image you'd like to include in the design of your item, you can upload it here. If you have any special requirements or specific placement for this image, let us know in the Additional Information field below.
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Font Selection & Message

We can create up to three individual and unique lines of text using this standard form. If you would like to have something different from what this form offers as standard, please indicate what you are looking to achieve in the Additional Information area and we'll try to help you achieve your vision. Click the buttons below to see the 50 available fonts to choose from and the standard colour options for each that is available. Then select your font and colour from the dropdown menus. Last tell us what you'd like written in each font and colour. 

Upload Your Sample Image

If you have an image of a design or an item you'd like us to try and match to, you can upload it here for us for reference. 
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Additional Information

If you have any additional information or special requests you would like to share with us please include them here.